Multiplicity of looks

Text by Director

“I find myself before them and they open the doors for me. Gerona is a city made sleepy by summer heat. The sun warms the chairs and the stone benches. Houses are safe from a sun on a vertical fall that is outlined with our words.

They are two that seem one, but are still two, and it is very likely they are quite some more than two. I feel how here, as everywhere, houses hide life, and they give it back to me cut out in little pieces. Their words conceal delicate suspicions. They tell the truth with precaution, but what they give me is living and lacerant words such as themselves. They are like two caged and half-wild beasts waiting inside the sleepy city.

“There is no water, though a source is supposed to have water flowing from it. That is what I complain about, about all that should be and is not”.

“I hate waits, they annoy me… Waits, like pain, go with you wherever you might go.”

Gerona waits with its mouth open by the heat, opening up with its stones and its asphalted streets like a hot tongue which gives back the shadows hiding behind the streets. They, like the stones, get heated and cooled under the sun. And life comes back inside the houses, concealed, with all its pain, with all its truth, with all its beauty.”


MÚLTIPLES Directed by Olga Álvarez
Cia. Impás
Temporada Alta 2016