The origin of the scene

Rehearsal of “Death”.
Images, Nora Baylach

The beginning of Death is casual and fortuitous, as most of the beautiful things that happen in this life.

To the Residence at the Centro Nacional de Danza de Madrid in 2014 we went with the aim of researching the internal movement with a lot of freedom; the essence that drives the performers. We sensed a search on fragility and loss.

A week, two interpreters, a choreographer and a cameraman. All that to leave proof of the search. During the process: scenes, time and questions, but also a certain incontestable certainty that emerged from the void. Images, real bodies, with their doses of reality, micromovements, internal pulsions… and, smudging everything, the time that enshrouds everything.

Out of all that, we kept the emotion and the satisfaction of the process, but above all, a great feeling of discovery. A new door was opening to us. Without knowing, we were starting a new path. There, thanks to random, we established a work methodology, the one of the new Taimada, the one of the subconscious of images.